epoxy flooring service for concrete floors

Concrete Staining, Sealing & Epoxy

Wichita Professional Epoxy Flooring Installers


Protect your floors from stains and cracking with an epoxy coating professionally installed by Wichita’s experienced refinishing team at Forshee Painting.

Epoxy flooring is a highly desirable treatment that improves the look and durability of your concrete floor. It is a great solution for a variety of spaces including:

  • garage
  • workshop
  • basement
  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • office space

Benefits of Epoxy Floors

Not only will you have a beautiful floor that will withstand stains, peeling, chipping, and cracks, but having epoxy coating added to your floor comes with other great advantages. An epoxy floor is much easier to clean.

Flooring with an epoxy topcoat is a tough, easy-to-clean surface. It does not require waxing or other high-maintenance cleaning upkeep. They are impact and chemical resistant, making them great solutions for garages and other spaces where floors must withstand a lot of rough treatment and harsh substances.

bike in garage with epoxy flooring

Durable Floor Covering

The durability you get with an epoxy coating can only be ensured when you have it done by professionals like our team at Forshee Painting. We utilize the tools and materials required to install a proper epoxy coating that will look beautiful and last for years to come.

  • No peeling or flaking
  • Cracks are repaired and future cracks will be prevented
  • Withstands the impact of rolling heavy items and vehicles
  • Stain resistant even to a wide range of chemicals


Epoxy Flooring Options

An epoxy floor doesn’t just add a durable gloss to the top of your floor, it can add new color! When it comes to epoxy, you have your choice of color and style. Contact Forshee Painting to learn all your options to improve the look of your floor and room.

We will provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE on the work you want to be done, so you will never have to worry about surprise costs.

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